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Title: Fairytale in the moonlight
Pairing: none
Rating: PG-13
Genre: angst
Summary: "Just tell me story and let me believe that you love me... at least for today"

I wrote this originally in Spanish... back on August 14, 2007... quite old lol

Written in 30 mins, short yet powerful I think

Hope you like it :D

Important note: Written in the perspective of Hyde's child...whatever his name is LOL

enjoy :D


Fairytale in the moonlight

Tell me a story. Come to me and tell me that everything will be alright. That the despair engraved in your face is nothing more but a simple reflection of the climate of uncertainty that falls over this house, this haunted house that I must call “home”.

Come closer. Come closer and tell me a story of dragons, brave princes, trees that touch the sky and the country that floats over the universe. Leave behind those tensions, those pressures that consume you daily and surround the climate of hate that you create without meaning it.

Don’t look at her that way, don’t look at me like that. I’m your son, not your mistake. She is your wife, not your useless doll that you slowly wish of replacing with things that my little world inside my head without experience can’t comprehend.

I only wish for you to arrive at night, tired and hungry, and let me scream a happy “Daddy!” while I run into your arms and wrap myself in your huge body, that will always be my dream, a thrill, that hope of being able to become like you. Because I know perfectly that you think you can’t give me a thing, that you don’t want to give me a thing, but in fact I wish to capture everything. I don’t want you to deny me the opportunity of my life. I don’t want you to deny me your company.

I know sometimes my bare existence upsets you. I understand I’m a child. I jump, scream, bother, is something normal. But there are some times, some times when I need a hug and you only let your look wander to the ceiling while you try to exit the room excusing yourself with a simple “I’m tired”.

You don’t need to tell me. You never planned my arrival to the world. I know this very well and not only by the way you look at me on Saturday nights, when I ask you to play with me. You think I don’t understand… everyone in this world think and believe that we, inexperienced and unconscious little kids, can’t comprehend complex feelings. Do they think we don’t know what solitude is? Do they think that we can’t feel hate, bitterness or even guilt? I know very well that doubts consume you every time you look at me, and that hate is born when my mother reminds you that you should spend more time with me. And I can even feel your bitterness when you look how easily I laugh while I draw, or how I jump all over the house with no fear of falling.

No, you don’t need to tell me that my mother, that kind woman that try so much for you and me, will never be able to fill that hollow space that separates you from the world and locks you up in your grey castle.

And maybe, you should tell me that story. That one that you tell day with day without talking. That one that week by week your mind develops and tries to keep secret.

Why don’t you tell me that story?

Tell me, brave prince, that for the first time in your life you’re afraid to face the dragon. You walk in circles, lost in your own kingdom, without really knowing what your destination is.

Maybe that’s the reason why you never come to me at night, when I lay in my bed of expensive sheets. Maybe you are afraid to accept that your story has no ending and you don’t even want to imagine it.

Don’t be afraid, I am also afraid.

We all are. Children, adults and old people equally. You don’t have to come to me crying, looking for comfort. Just… just come to me, stir my hair in an affectionate way and tell me I shouldn’t eat too much candy. Warn me that if I run too much on the house I could knock over one of your precious glass objects that you collect or I could stain the carpet that mom takes care of so dearly.

I’m not expecting to be the perfect family, like the ones on television or the ones in the mall’s or amusement parks’ advertisements. I don’t expect you to take my hand and lead me everywhere with a smile on your face.

I’m just asking, dad… I’m just asking for you to come to me and tell me a story. Maybe not yours… if you want make it all up. Tell me of the prince that wasn’t afraid of anything and was able to kill a gigantic fire-eater dragon with one only sword, and was able to rescue the most beautiful princess from the highest tower. Or if you want, tell me about the wood doll that could speak, or of the fish that could breathe out of the water.

If you want… I can help… we can make a story together. We can make our own story, daddy.

But for now, daddy, I only ask one thing. Don’t come to me know, when I’m laying on my bed looking at the moon through the window. I don’t want you to see me crying.

For now I prefer believing that I live in my own world too, in my own grey castle.

For today, I want to be like you. I want to be a brave prince that is lost and can’t find the way.

For today, let me believe that maybe, and only maybe, we both can get lost in this silence I can’t quiet down.

For now… just let me cry.


Sad, sad, don't you think? XD

I don't know... I really hope is not like that, but I found myself writing it haha

Thanks for reading :D

So sad... ._. But it's very pretty and well written, as always.
Wow, the child is intelligent xD
But as always, very well written and cute and sad aand... I love ♥