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Title: Fake light
Pairing: Tetsu/Hyde
Rating: PG-13
Genre: angst (?)
Summary: "It would all fade. The whispers, the shared looks, the love they thought they shared... and the light from the distant moon."

Wrote again, thought of sharing~ nothing else to add :)

Fake light

The room was filled with the light of the waning moon. The white curtains, the white walls, the white floor and the white sheets were slowly being devoured by the blue light that burned beyond the window, above the raging city of Hong Kong. It was the only companion for the lonely souls, and still, they craved for something else.

They craved for another lonely soul.

“I can’t sleep.” the silence was broken by a whisper.

His body was leaning on the threshold of the open door. Behind him there was only darkness. He was wearing a simple shirt too big for the small body, a white shirt that was being tainted by the blue light that crept along the river behind the big window. Only his dark eyes and hair were splitting the picture in two. His hair was down, up to his shoulders, slowly wet. His eyes were two spots of light in the darkness, two mirrors for the Blue Moon.

For a moment nothing shifted in the room, but slowly a sleepy voice came and answered back.

“You’re lying, I know you were asleep.”

The owner of the voice was lying on the big bed in front of the window. He was wearing white too, blame destiny, but his hair was pale blonde and his eyes dark brown. His pale hair caught the light as he sat in bed slowly, almost reproachfully, leaving a halo around him and obscuring his face. For a moment, he was nothing but light to the eyes of the intruder.

“Maybe… but I’m awake now” the intruder whispered, afraid to speak louder for some reason.

“And now you awoke me, too” the one intruded upon answered also in a whisper.

They stared at each other for more than a minute. The low murmur of the air conditioner played in the background, not even the noise of the city life outside could come this far. They were secluded, off somewhere up in the sky, in a private room of a very expensive hotel on the 40th floor of some building.

Not even the wind could hear them…

“It’s just you and me… in a very far away country, with nothing else but ourselves.” the dark haired man dared to speak, leaving behind the whispers.

“We’re not that far away…” the pale haired man answered back, almost angrily.

Silence again in the polluted room. Everything was cold and unfeeling… the blue light had swallowed the warmth.

“But still…”

Nothing else to turn to, two human beings alone in a secluded space.

“Come here.”

The reflection of the pale moon on the dark haired man danced away as he walked towards the white - tainted blue - bed.

The murmur of sheets against sheets won over in the room. As hyde sat on the lower part of the bed, destiny was sealed.

“You showered?” Tetsu asked, his face still lost in the darkness.

“That is so romantic…” Hyde laughed away, nervously.

“I was just asking… come here.”

The light creeping through the enormous window seemed to whisper as the two figures came closer.
The murmur of movement inside the room suddenly stopped.

“Why must you always have second thoughts?” Hyde asked, his face inches away from the blonde. Tetsu had retreated as Hyde leaned into him to steal a kiss from his lips.

“Why must you always try to steal something from me? This is not a game.” Tetsu whispered, eyebrows furrowing slowly.

“You always say life is a game.” The dark haired man sighed, barely audible but still so for the one close to him.

He was unaware that the blond man’s hands were trembling with doubt for he wanted only one thing… To reach out for him and devour him in one fiery kiss that would make the world disappear for them both, yet he knew that everything would vanish once the Blue Moon fell upon the horizon. Once the real light shone…

The dark haired man knew he should stay where he was. He knew the game, he knew the rules and he knew the exact moment when he should break them so it could all start. Tetsu’s mind was filled with doubt, he could read that in his eyes and he could also read that no matter how hard he tried to stop himself emotion and need would win in the end. He had to be patient.

They were both filled with lust for one another. A lust that came from within themselves, from the last corner of their minds.

“Come here.” Tetsu said for the third time, this time voicing it as a command.

“If I get any closer, would you be able to stop yourself if I asked you to?” Hyde teased back.

Tetsu’s eyes widened. Hyde never let such a chance slip through his fingers, such a direct order always made him even more excited. But this time around the intruder wasn’t the one aroused, but the one who had been intruded upon.

In a rush of sheet against sheet, Tetsu closed at last the space that separated them. His arms tugged and pulled at Hyde’s white shirt, finally drawing closer the body that drove him mad. He kissed whatever he got close to. His hair, his chin, his neck, his shoulder.

He wanted full access to his skin. It was cool due to the air conditioner and everything about it, every imperfection and perfection aroused him even more. The scar on his neck, the curve under his chin, the silky texture of his earlobe… but more especially the goose bumps that came after he placed a soft kiss upon his semi-opened lips.

By this moment, Hyde had twisted himself in his arms to get to a comfortable position upon him. Neither of them knew how he had ended up sitting on Tetsu’s lap, his arms around his neck, both legs at each side of his waist. Out of sheer pleasure his head was tilted slightly backwards, one hand upon the light blond hair, one leg completely encircling him while pressing his foot hard against the low part of Tetsu’s back.

Hyde’s goose bumps became Tetsu’s goose bumps when their skins came in contact for a brief second. Goose bumps developed into a shared sigh when their eyes met and later became a synchronized moan as their hips grinded against each other.

Language and understanding came though movement and as they slowly undressed one another they knew that being in a far away country, away from it all wasn’t important once the game started. It was actually better this way.

The Blue Moon came upon their naked bodies now, indifferent to their act or reason. The sighs filled the light-crammed room, along with the music of sheet against sheet and skin against skin.

“You promise you’ll come back to me when you can’t sleep again?”

“Only if you remember to wake up just for this.”

Sweet sighs, low voices. A shared secret for the senses…

“I have a confession to make…”

For a moment all movement stopped, the blond haired man lying on top of the dark haired raised himself up on his hands and stared down at the naked body under him illuminated by the blue, eerie Moon now low upon the sky.

The murmur of the city suddenly crossed the river and hoisted itself up into the 40th floor of the building, along with the wind.

But the lonely souls only heard the echo of that slow, rhythmic voice in the emptiness.

“I wasn’t sleeping… I was waiting for you.”

When the sighs and music of their skins started again, the city didn’t notice. Neither did the sky.
The only accomplice was the Blue Moon, rapidly dancing away into the horizon, letting way to the real light of a new day.

It would fade, but they always had the night to share.

Thanks for reading :D
I missed your writing! :)

Also, GUH. D: Fic is bittersweet. (T_T) *clings*
Awww, thank you so much <3
*clings back*
This fic has such a unique atmosphere to it. Like it's really somewhere between a dream and reality, in that short period of Blue Light.

I loved it. It fluctuates between making me feel like everything is absolutely okay between them and that it soon going to break, painfully. I can't even really describe it :)

Just thank you for sharing it :)
I remember reading your fanfics ages ago. They've left a deep impression inside of me. So happy that you still write and that so beautifully.

That was truly a perfect work of art. Loved it!
Thank you so much for reading and commenting!
I've been trying to keep up with my stories but lately it's been hard...
I'm so happy to hear such beautiful things about my not too good writing ♥
I'll keep on writing, I promise! :)
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