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Title: Untitled -drabble-
Pairing: Tetsuya/Hyde, Hyde/Tetsuya (anyone you care to choose, actually)
Genre: Angst

I don't usually post drabble but I felt like sharing this. It's not character-defined but I wrote it from hyde's POV.
It's short, it's sad (and it's untitled)... beware.

Just because you’re right here, next to me doesn’t mean you’re filling the gap you left the last time you walked out in silence.

I could tell you a thousand things and yet your sight wouldn’t leave the window, nor would your lips show a smile for me or because of me.

Something died back then, that night when you simply sighed, stood up and walked out of the room we had shared for a week. You didn’t turn back to take a last look at my defeated silhouette against the window, neither did you pause when your hand touched the doorknob.

All the feelings you had poured into me had washed away with the last storm. But I still wonder if the feelings I did give you, those that were so hard to convey, were too deep into you to be washed away.

Do you still feel them? When you lay down to sleep, late at night, do you find yourself chilly with melancholy and regret? Does your hair stand on end out of frustration and wonder and love and all that I once felt and gave you?

I don’t know if you do. I can’t feel that anymore because I did give you all you ever asked of.
I did, but I guess it was too late for you.

I should have kissed you with more passion or stared at you with more awe. I should have touched you with reverence and whispered to you with sweetness.

I was supposed to stop you. Stop you from leaving.

Why didn’t I?

I simply sat there, on the bed we had shared moments before, and stared out the window.

And maybe this is your silent revenge. Here, sitting right next to you I know you will never sigh again with defeat. I will never share anything with you.

You gave me all you had and I gave you all when you were too empty to care.

If there’s a gap to fill, it’s your heart. Not mine. Mine is yours even if you don’t want it.

Here, sitting next to you at last I know what this is called.

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